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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

help session

this afternoon, i went to help session for my math teacher. i quite honestly don't think the help sessions accomplish anything, i just go because ben (a new ben, not the one i was friends with last year) and noah go. i'm not dating either of them, don't worry. they're just friends of mine. two of my closest friends. the kind of friend you get in trouble with at help session with.

me and ben are always getting in trouble for talking, and i have no real classes with noah. they're both taller than me, which is rather lovely. i find it weird. this year, all my friends are guys. i guess girls just cause too much drama for me. i mean, of course, i'm still friends with girls. there's anita and bri and gummie and taylor and sarah and kendra and keri and alyssa and emily and kylee and majia, but i'm not really as close to a lot of them. compared to sam, obviously.

well. my internet connection is failing, so i'd better publish this before the circut shuts off. have a nice night, my friends. :)

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