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Friday, October 12, 2012

gastly and lovely

just wanted to put a wee little update before I go to bed. i'm off with anita, elise, kyle, and julia tomorrow. right now, i'm cuddled up under a blanket, downloading music, watching rhoda with my sister and mother. i found a bunch of pictures of me and krista and ozzy this afternoon. it was kind of absolutely crazy.
we were so young. so happy and so colorful and so goofy. we're all toothy smiles and not makeup and awkward hoodies and bad haircuts and hats and skinny jeans and winter coats and snowball fights. ozzy's too short and krista's so awkward and i'm just tall and weird. i just miss those days. those awesome, terrible days, where we were careless and happy and didn't text each other and didn't know about anything at all.
before anything else happened. before kyle and anita and even before sam. before math grades and absolutely everything went crazy. i miss those days. goodnight.

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