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Friday, May 4, 2012

if i'm louder, would you see me?

i like this picture because, as you all know, i love shoes. they take us places. they let us walk, run, climb, skip, jump, leap, hop, dash, and bolt. so many more...we can backflip, slide, skid, gallop, bounce, bump, dance, jog, prance, frolic, and fly in them. just a pair of shoes. you can run a mile or just laps in gym class. dance in your room or perform a ballet. i love sneakers.
this picture is almost obviously photoshopped, but i like it for two reasons. one is because i like how the background is so simple and the butterflies are so colorful and unique. the other one is because i like the trees in the background, and i love trees like that. thin, branchy, skeleton trees, with arms outstretched in late fall, or early winter. a symbol that cold is coming and soon everything will be new again.
one direction are adorable. for those of you silly enough not to know who they are, they're a boyband from europe (as most good bands are) and from left to right, it's Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. i love their music and how goofy they are. i wish i knew them. all the boys i know are a lot less extremely hot and a lot worse at singing.
i thought i could fly when i was little...i really did. i would jump off tables, chairs, counters, couches, and anything else and i literally thought i took flight and went much further than i really did. sometimes, i just wish i could lift my feet off the ground and just fly out of there. this pictures is so simple and yet so beautiful at the same time.
For some reason, this picture reminds me of in the second Peach Falls, when Gwen is going down to the cafe and she's sitting outside, in Marty's coat, sitting on the stair steps. this is kind of what i pictured in my head, something cute, and quiet, like this outside of the shop. i wrote that book, by the way, and only certain people will know what i mean. but if you dont...bear with me.
this i find incredibly adorable. how i wish i had these shoes, and also these tights are mad cute. i wonder what this girl's standing on...maybe a bench, or just an odd blacktop, or a picnic table. i dont really know. this one doesn't have too much meaning behind it, it's just cute and beast and stuff.
i love neff stuff. half of that is because i just like skater styles and stuff, and the other half is because the guy i like wears one of these beanies every day. hm...i really want one but i dont know where they sell them. i'll ask one of my friends who always wears their sweatshirts and stuff. anyways, this picture's cool just because of the angling and how you cant see their face, but...hm...i dont know, really, i just like it.
this is such a really really cool picture. i like the many plants and flowerbuds blocking the girl, and how empty and mysterious the picture is. i like that, although her dress is kind of odd and plain and a bit too short, but that's okay, im not wearing it. i also like the warm kind of buzz coming from the right side. kind of weird, but i think it makes the picture better.
these rides are so amazing. you can see EVERYThING from up there, and it feels like you're just soaring through the air, kicking your legs, smelling summer around you, the mix of cotton candy, warm grass, and slushies, feeling the delightful breeze through your fingers. i've always loved these rides, even when i was little, and my flip-flops would always fly off, now i wear my osiris sneakers, but that was then.
this is true. we all know those quiet, conserved kids who sit and listen and rarely talk (HA! CAN YOU PICTURE ME BEING ONE OF THOSE KIDS? NO, YOU CANT!). obviously, if you've ever spoken to me, that's not my deal, i'm more the person to, say, dye her hair purple (check) and jump up in class announcing that "Attention, everyone! Kevin did NOT do the Start Off Problem today and he also did not do his homework! And....neither did I!" and then...sit back down. (that was today) but we can't all be like that or else well the obnoxious level would be far too high and the human race would be so destroyed...we need quiet, level-headed people to be nice and normal and not...
this is exactly what  picture in my head, in that part in Fallen, where they're walking through the forest and they find darcia in the woods, where it says that its dark and ashy and smoky and destroyed. and the stick she's holding! it's just like the stick she pokes sosha with in that part...i find it kind of cool. if she was just wearing the all-black clothes that darcia wears in the book, it would be like exactly the same.


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Beautiful pictures! I love the way you analyse them, its so inspiring.

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