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Thursday, May 10, 2012

on our way back home

 "Everybody tells me to act like a man, to sit when I eat and to speak when I'm spoken to and to keep quiet and respect everybody. And then I go off and do something stupid and they send me to my room. If you want me to act like a man, stop treating me like a little boy."-Danny from Gusts of Wind
 "So please come down from that cloud you're standing on, I don't expect you admit that you were wrong. I just want to know how you've been..."-Mr. Pitiful by Matt Costa

"The sun will shine again, the clouds will disappear. Just remember, when you're away, that your girlfriend is still right here. I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for you to return. Here's to seeing, seeing, seeing the fire burn."-Firebirds Call by lose it GO
"From the moment I met you, everything changed. I had to get you, whatever the pain. I had to take you and make you mine!"-Stand Up by One Direction
"He found a kangaroo that followed him home and now it is his..."-Pronouns by School House Rock
"Like a bird we fly, like an airplane we soar, like a little girl we cry, like a lion we roar. Can't destroy me, cannot stop my heart, I'm a roller coaster, you can't take me apart."-LOL Anthem by KMG
"All out, it's so ridiculous, zone out, so much attention, scream out "I'm in the building!"-Club Can't Even Handle by Flo Rida
"Know what I don't get? How I wear my Blood on the Dance Floor shirts and my teachers are like "oh, that's cute." But then I wear my Sexy and I Know It shirt, and they're all like "AH! TERRORISM!"-My Friend Kyle
"I do not need safety as much as I need you. You're dangerous but, oh, you're beautiful."-The Cost by Rend Collective

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T-WAC said...

I'll have you know that I'm wearing my Sexy And I Know It T-shirt right now!