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Monday, February 27, 2012

kid i couldn't live without you...

haha, sometimes i think you're a jerk.
you really know how to annoy me.
you are the one person who knows exactly how to make me want to punch you in the mouth.
we never agree on anything.
you always have to be right.
it's all about you, isn't it?
you're gonna make fun of me no matter what.
and you're gonna one-up me all the time.

but you're my brother.
sometimes i call you just to rant.
we text all the time.
every time i'm depressed, you know exactly what's wrong.
when im crying, you find a way to make it better.
sometimes we laugh so hard that we don't make any more sound.
we're always in trouble for talking in class.
you're the goofy one, im the crazy-in-the-head one.
and we have way too many inside jokes.

but whenever some guy is making fun of me,
some dude's calling me fat,
crazy, ugly, stupid, whacked,
and some number of others,
you're the first to stand up, before even the teacher,
yelling "YO, nobody talkes to my sister like that!"
and you get into the fight, not caring about suspention,
and you never get in trouble for it.
you yell at the jerky kids when i need you to
you've got my back, sam.
you're my best friend, brother, and you let me know
that i gotta have swag, self-confidence, let your light shine.
to not care what they think and not play by the rules.
you gotta listen to bob marley and nirvana sometimes,
and you gotta smile and run because you got some kid in trouble.
you make me so mad, kid.
you never shut up, and you never sit down.
but without you, bro, this school would be so much quieter.
you make a grand entrance, kid.
you make a grand exit.

happy birthday sam. four days late lol

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