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Saturday, February 4, 2012

a letter to ***

dear ***
(im not mentioning any names because i dont want to sound gossipy but i do want to get this out)

i cant believe ur one of my best friends and u act like this. u think u own me and that im going to do everything ur way. u know how insecure i am about my looks, y do u make it a policy to point them out? okay, ur sweet, funny, and i luv u to death, bro, but ur kind of a jerk. u care about urself and thats it. its funny how i didnt even notice until ****** pointed it out. im not gonna share ur name cuz that would be rude and i dont want to seem gossipy, but i need to tell u, without u knowing, that im sick of this. im gonna talk to u about it later, but seriously, you and ******** are being really jerky to me right now. im serious, if u do this one more time, u can think about getting a new friend. and u know how much i dont like it, ive told u so many times. please stop. and u too, *******. ive talked to u guys. u dont want me saying those things to u. enough of this. if u dont stop, think about getting some new friends. because i cant stand it.

i had to talk to u about this,

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