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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sending our people to another ****in country to die

Blood on the Dance Floor. Allday everyday.

So hi guys. Been a little bit, eh? Not really. So what's up? I heard this song today, find your way, and I really liked it, except swearing makes every song a little worse, and it's kind of funny that i found the one line in this song with a swear to post, heh, but it's my favorite. I really like it, and I don't listen to botdf too often.

Anyways, enough music talk. Let's talk about my friend Sam. Today, at school, he walks out of homeroom wearing...wait for it...bright, bright orangish-red hoodie. Girls, very obviously.

So in the next class, this is our conversation.

Me: Um, that sweater...
Sam: Yeah I know its so comfortable!
Me: Sam, where'd you buy that?
Sam: Dan (his twin brother) gave it to me.
Me: Um...that's a girl's hoodie.
Sam: No way! Dan told me to buy it at Old Navy!
Me: Sam, I'm your best friend. I always tell you what's wrong with you in no uncertain terms, like when you wear too-tight girls skinnies, or shirts with chihuahuas on them, or when there's a pencil stuck in your afro. I would not lie to you. THAT is a girl's sweatshirt.
Sam: No way!
Me: Ellaina, is that a girl's sweatshirt?
Ellaina: Yes! It's so cute!
Taylor: OMG, it is! Where'd you get it?
Sam: Old Navy, but-
Taylor: Let me try it on!
Sam: It's not-
Kyle: Sam, I have a pair of paints that same color!
Sam: Well, okay-
Vienna: Oh, yeah, that's really cute, what store?
Meghan: It's too girly.

It is. And he told about a hundred girls where he got it. Haha.

An that's my story today! Tune in next time to hear about how Taryn was on the phone with Shane and she saw a hooded figure coming up her driveway. She instantly started screaming "KIDNAPPER" and ran upstairs.

Yeah, it was Cody's mom, asking if Taryn's mother wanted to help out with the elementary school's PTA bake sale...

Oh. I guess I already told you. No need to tune in next time :)

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shannon said...

XD. I guess screaming KIDNAPPER, seems legit.