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Monday, February 20, 2012


When I get a boyfriend,
He will be perfect,
For me, at least,
He'll be taller than me,
And stronger than me,
Maybe have blue hair,
Maybe colored skinny jeans.
He'll be funny, smart,
Unique, happy,
He'll love Jesus and popcorn,
Unicorns and pictures,
He'll laugh at my jokes,
He'll call me every night,
He'll play guitar or something,
We won't fight,
We'll look cute together,
When I cry, he'll know why,
We'll like the same music,
Know where we're going
When we die,
He won't hate my emo,
He might have a little too,
He'll encourage me,
Be there for me,
And every other thing.
My parents will think he's nice,
My friends will think he's chill,
He'll yell at all the kids I don't like
When they're being little jerks to me.
He'll care and I swear
That he exists.

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