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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

think ive finally found a note to make u understand...

gym class heroes is absolutely GORGEOUS and their music is fabulous ^_^
just checkin in here :D how's everyone? good? good. im okay...a little...with some updates: i always said i would dye my hair and yes, now the front is light blue and i like it. its a change. more updates: got three shows coming up: one for church, a talent show for my sisters homeschool group after nagging, begging, and me jumping in YES! I CAN PERFORM!, and school house rock all one month after the other haha gonna be a busy month :)

today i surprised even myself by wearing an old blue hollister sweater and some aeropostle jeans. yes, i know. it felt different from the standard blood on the dance floor graphic tee and pink skinnies...i also left my hair down and didnt tease it, wore a bare amount of makeup, and everybody was surprised.

of course, i still wore my osiris sneakers. im not that sure of myself, haha.

the point is, im so sick of being labeled "emo chick." i dont want my clothes/hair/makeup to define me. i dont care if wearing green skinny jeans are cool...maybe i want to look preppy/ghetto today (and for the first time in the entire school year, the most popular girl in the seventh grade talked to me...and im like woman please u know who i am im the chick who sings lmfao in the hallways...and then she left) and guess what? i did.

and boys: i dont know what to do about them. all the ones who seem to like me are the bad boys. idk, maybe they see me as a "bad girl," which i am not, other than the fact that i listen to rap and get in-school suspension for talking hahaha. but im single, will be for a while, because all these stupid guys are just lowering my tolerance for idiots...

yep. just an update post. nothing exciting here, but hey, my life cant be thrilling 24/7. comment, yadda yadda, see yall later :D <3

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