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Friday, March 23, 2012

My friend Kyle

before i get started, i got some rather sad reviews on my last post. want to clear something up: it. was. from. a. book. it's not a personal memory of mine. i didn't think it was too sad, i thought it was kind of sweet, and if you have no idea what im talking about, just read my last post.

okay. actually onto the topic. most of you have read/heard me mention my friend kyle. kyle is like the shortest seventh grader in the universe and hes like my little brother because he acts and looks about seven years old (and his grades are not the finest. i tutored him in science for about three weeks) (yes, I tutored somebody. so that shows you how bad it was)

why i wanted to mention him is because he's like legit my baby brother.

you've heard me talk about aidan and casey, my brothers in real life, and if you've been here a while, ozzy, liam, and zach, and they're just stuck like glue in my head because i have no CHOICE but to remember them they've been there so long, but me and kyle are a good match. he's short, im tall. he's stupid (no offence, kid), im smart(er). he's confused about everything, goofy, silly, blond at heart, and, well...so am i.

heh heh.

but he got a new haircut and it's so SHORT! i mean like cute short not like buzz cut short. and i charged into his homeroom and yelled "I MUST SEE YOUR HAIRCUT OMG ITS SO SHOOOOORRRRRRTTT!"

then the teacher kicked me out -_-

do you have somebody who's like your brother?

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