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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yoga Hora

Ah, Yoga. The morning exercise I do. almost every day. I do it mostly on Wii fit, but sometimes I do it on my own. But you can't do it outside in winter, so I'm basically Wii Fit restricted. Today, since I had to stop Wii Fit, I found other ways to exercise. I did my Sun Salutation while brushing my teeth (Which is harder then it looks) and I did my palm tree pose while making my bed. I did deep breathing while we were doing school, and I did some exercise with Aidan this morning. His record for running down the hall is 3 seconds. We were busy. So, anyways, vacation is over, and I got up early today. A little Casey inside my head was talking, so I got up and found out that the Casey was really in Mom's room, talking to her. So, basically, I got up at like seven forty five. And so, here I am. Talking. Yep. Today's VISIT with "Grampy-Daddy". We're gonna pack up the happy campers and go off the "Jennifer's office" and then we're going out to E-A-T at Subway, and then back to school. Yuppify-diddly-DA. Okay, well, that's pretty much it. Hoha (my new way to say good bye). (Hora is my new way to say Hello)

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Tony said...

i love my yoga girl..