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Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, just a rambling on a school break

Last night, I almost broke my foot. Well, Casey did. He was doing that thing where he kneels on the bench and faces the way opposite the table, and I didn't notice, so I pulled the bench out and, SMACK, you can imagine what happened. Don't worry, both Casey and my foot are fine. But I have a bad black and blue on my toe. I'm glad that it's not broken, because then how the heck could I go snowboarding or sledding? Or even make a snowfort? HUH? Well, it's lunch time. Aka, "Where's my macoroni cheese?" "I want peanutbutter jelly!" "No, no I want banana! I want apple!" time. I hear someone crying now. Poor Casey. He's just having a sad day. Aidan's feeling grumpy, and I'm bored. Aidan's down here, talking to me. It's distractinggggggggggg. Sorry. I was distracted. Well, I'm starved. See you later.

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