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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

things to do before i die...

1: kiss a boy.
2: go to france.
3: paint something.
4: win a trophy or medal.
5: have sam teach me how to skateboard.
6: pierce something cool.
7: dye my hair all pink.
8: buy the perfect pair of headphones.
9: publish a book.
10: be famous.
11: go on a road trip with friends.
12: find perfect sunglasses.
13: meet a famous person.
14: get through a lolipop without biting it.
15: fall in love.
16: become a disney princess.
17: ride a roller coaster with a loop in it.
18: do a perfect drumroll.
19: be on american idol.
20: meet a hot european guy ;)
21: find the cutest pair of heels ever and wear them.
22: talk on the phone for three hours.
23: cross the ocean.
24: graduate college.
25: go on an adventure. in a helicopter.
26: go to prom.
27: see a live broadway show.
28: cut kyle's hair.
29: get my own apartment. in new york.
30: learn how to speak french fluently.
"Love, I have waited for you. Love, I was wounded for you. So tell me what else can I do, through the pain and through the mood, to find I am true?"-On and On by Tenth Avenue North

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