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Thursday, June 21, 2012

one year...

I will admit I'm the naughty student.

Well I'm sorry again for an abscence in posting, I've just had all my finals and I'm exhausted. Summer is finally here, I'm hot, just been swimming, and am about ready to fall of a bicycle, roll down a hill, go down a river that leads into the ocean and swim with the dolphins for about three months. After tomorrow, of course.

Tomorrow is Anita's party...end of the year thing. It's been a long year, but it's over now.


I look back on this year. (Sorry, just more goodbye-sort-of-thing for now.) Well, this year...this year smells like cupcakes and feels like sweaters and tastes like school pizza and looks like the in-school suspention room and sounds like Bring Me The Horizon. I made a little alphabet :) enjoy, loves <3

A is for Anita, one of my best friends.
B is for breakfast, something I missed because I was late quite often.
C is for calls, phone ones, between friends.
D is for detention. Only had one.
E is for English, my best subject by far.
F is for flunking, something Kyle did but I did not.
G is for greasy, like school food.
H is for homeschooled, something I am not anymore.
I is for in-school, going there for dress code.
J is for jerky boys, like Jimmy, John, Steven, and Cody.
K is for Kyle, my lil brother and best friend.
L is for laughs, while I had quite a lot of.
M is for money, which I owe my friend Brooke from two months ago XD
N is for Natzi, which I called my super-mean art teacher.
O is for Office Detention, I've never had to serve.
P is for papers, I've turned in a ton.
Q is for questions that I ask my teachers about stupid things.
R is for Retarded Russian Spies, it's an inside joke with me and Sam.
S is for Sam, my best friend in the world.
T is for trouble, which I get in quite a bit of with ^^^that kid lol.
U is for uncomfortable, like without air conditioning.
V is for Vauntalin, which is a cool name and I know somebody with that name idk.
W is for water, like the fountains where all the cool kids hang out.
X is for eXpelled, which I did not get.
Y is for young, which we are.
Z is for zouwnefufoenwufne, because nothing starts with Z.

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