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Friday, June 15, 2012

i know...

i know it's been a long while since i actually posted on here and i appologize humbly because it has been an absolute eternity since i have had any time to post what so ever.

but i am back :) remember me? well yeah you should. things have been crazy busy lately. i went on tour for schoolhouse rock, kristine is back living with us, school is almost over, studying for finals, lots of stuff to do and i really haven't had time. but i am back. and i have words  to say. but when do i not, really?

like i said, the year is almost over for my school. i have four and a half days. it makes me kind of sad. if we move again, these might be the only four and a half days i have left in this very school, the one in which i met my friends, lost some friends, and had such a confusing year that i cant say anything. but i will. i want to talk about it.

well, long story short, emma and ben are not really in the picture right now. i say that with regrets, because i do love them. but that's a crowd i'd rather mingle with another time. you all remember kyle, of course, my little baby brother, two feet tall, forgets everything, that kyle? yeah. me, him, sam, and anita have all had a bit of an...interesting year. with a couple of mixups along the way, but in all, we've really come together. we like to think of each other as my crew. we've gotten incredibly close.

sam. we all know sam, of course. he's got the afro. my best friend, the one i'm brutally honest with, the one who can be a jerk but loves my guts and will probably cry the most if i die. anita, my closest girlfriend, who i trust with everything.

it's funny. a couple of months ago i ranted about ben and emma like this, then posted some nice pictures, and now they barely exist and i've moved on.

well, that's how it works with me, i guess. i rant and rample. i change gears. i move on and leave things behind if they're not good for me or if i fight. nothing bad happened. don't get worried, it's just that my style has changed just a bit and sam pulled through where ben couldn't, anita ran ahead of where emma was walking. i like things a bit more fast paced. there's nothing wrong with that.

and for those who liked the picture posts, don't worry, there will be tons more. but for now, i wanted to talk :) thanks for reading loves

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