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Friday, June 3, 2011

Well, I'm sorry to leave you all AGAIN...

But I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow.

Yes, I know, I just got back, and you guys are lovely, buuuuuuut...I'm leaving for Florida to go and see Aunt June and Uncle Charlie down in Florida. We're road tripping, so we'll be stopping in some states on the way, like N&S Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and that might be it, but I'm still excited!

And on top of that, I may or may not have a show tonight.

OMIGOSH, TORNADO! There was a TORNADO, people, right in my state and through my town! THROUGH. MY. TOWN.

I am okay, thank goodness, but the towns around mine look SO bad! There are roads blocked off for GRP, all around that town, and all of Springfield County (that's me) got hit. Thank God that our house and cars are safe, we only lost power for a while, but my director for GRP lives right in the middle of where the tornado was! Oh, I hope she's okay!

Tasha is fine, I know that, Shannon and Tim only got hail (you lucky ducks), and I've been trying endlessly to talk to Jessica...I think her power might be out. Not many of you guys are around this area, lucky people, but we were in the basement for quite some time because the guy on the news said that was the safest place to be.

He kept on going to the LIVE DOPPLER RADAR! Like, over and over again. It was SO annoying, we're like, "Um, we're in the middle of a tornado here! Stop taking about your Live Doppler Radar."

Anyways, it's all over now. My heart goes out to the people who lost houses, cars, or anything else. :( There were some houses COMPLETELY distroyed. Poor people...

Anyways, yeah, I hope my director's okay. Knowing her, she'll make it to the show anyways, but I know she's got Jolie there, and we all love Jolie. (Who here remembers Jolie? Y'know, my director's baby daughter? Yeah, everbody loves Jolie.)

Okay, well, I'll see everybody in two weeks. Bye!


T-WAC said...

I'm glad you guys are safe.
One tornado just missed one of my karate schools, so the power was out there. Also some of the students had their houses destroyed.... That's got to be tough.

Oh, have fun in Florida!

Jen said...

An hour or two it hit you guys, my friend Marg and I were on the phone freaking out because the news people said it was supposed to come to our county (New Haven) but I CANNOT FREAKING BELIEVE IT WENT TO MASSACHUSETTS!!!!!!!!!!!! MASSACHUSETTS FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!!! I MEAN THIS IS NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!! WE DON'T GET TORNADOS HERE!!!!!!!!
Sorry for freaking out. I just freaked out on Corrina's blog too. I'm going to Springfield next week for a class trip to Six Flags, and I'm curious to see what tornado damage looks like in person.
But I'm so glad you guys are safe, that must have been so scary!!! And have fun in Florida!!

Jessica said...

I will miss you!!!!