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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Do you have any memories? I mean, everybody does have MEMORIES, but some are different than others.

Of course you remember your best friend's birthday party, or you trip to Disney World, or you grandfather's funeral...but how about the little things?

Making a fort outside with my dad. Liam's neighbor's roof, where we'd go and bounce on the mini trampoline. Ozzy's backyard, when I went swimming in some of Morgan's clothes because I didn't have a bathing suit. Playing school with my teddy bear.

Playing kickball with everybody from the church. Sitting out of the rock at my aunt's house. Meeting Krista. Swimming across a lake with Zach and this one dude named RJ. Shannon getting Corrina's boot out of the mud in my backyard. (Remember that, Shan?)

Jessica claiming we were going to die when we were crossing a frozen lake. Blogging from the Superbowl this year. The boys adoption day, when we got to be on TV and I hugged them so hard when they were finally adopted. Spinning around in the Campbell's backyard with Shannon and Tim.

Brian dumping syrup all over Sam while I was filming. Playing endless rounds of four square. My crazy go-to-sleep-fast acrobatics that actually DO work. Doing a little Chabigail movie with all my best friends (this was before I was also best friends with Krista) and Shannon making endless outtakes.

Watching Yellow Submarine at Corrina's birthday party. Taking five months to read the book Little Women. Going to the mall with Krista and Amber on Mother's Day. Doing a "car wash" with Aidan one summer and not really washing the cars, but getting ourselves soaked. Waking up early to go on vacation. Flying to Florida when I was six.

Setting Zach's mother's car alarm off at a cookout. My first time at youth group. Orientation Day for my maybe-new-school, that is, if we don't move by then. Going to concerts in Sturbridge. Eating s'mores outside. Going for boat rides at my mom's cousin Bo's house.

All these little memories make me happy. Just little things that I like to remember. When I was little, it was more just the crazier things that made me smile. Now, it's the things that I'm used to, well, maybe not the one about us breaking into Dottie's car. (Although that is one of my more funny ones, because it scared US to death, let alone everybody else there)

Do you have any little memories that make you smile? I like the little things better than the bigger ones. Because, even though I will always love and remember Disney World, I like to remember the plane ride.


Loulou said...

This is a beautiful post! And I agree, I really enjoy the little things rather than the big ones!

shannon said...

LOL=) yes I do remember that, we kept falling cause we were so dizzy:) that is one of my small memories too.

T-WAC said...

Oh yeah, I remember that! After the fourth or fifth time we spun, I started feeling sick, but I kept going anyway!

Yes, the little things often make a day. Talking to friends I haven't talked to in a while, the fact that everyone at my 16th birthday party sang "Happy Birthday" in a different key....


Jen said...

I love this post. The big things in life are great, but the little things are what make up your life.
Great great great post!!!

Jessica said...

The Lake!!!!
The memory that makes me smile, was when I first me you.
You were playing with you webkinz chiwawa(I don't know how to spell) and I had to sit next to you, and you claimed that it had peed on me!!!
HAHAHAHA!! Friendship starters!!!

Anonymous said...

Time after time.
Fill up my mind.

I'm so happy you have great memories like that. I'm jealous. LOL.
My best memory had to be last year when I went to all those places with Shannon and Tim. AWESOME!