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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm ready!!!

My show is tonight...I am totally gonna kick booty up there. Me and Tasha, we gonna blow the roof off. I will certainly tell everybody how the show goes, and believe me, it will go awesomely.

Things to do before show tonight:

*Make sure I have my script in my bag for last minute rehearsal.
*Shower. I will not smell for my show.
*Pack some food.
*Inform Shannon and Jessica of what is before us.
*Run over the routine for Consider Yourself because if I don't know it, then we're doomed. Tasha missed like four rehearsals, so she doesn't know it at all.
*Finish blogging.

It's a benefit for the tornado victims, so it's gonna be a BIG crowd. I totally can't wait. I just hope I'm loud enough.

Anybody who comments on this post gets front row tickets. (Or maybe just a cookie or something)


Loulou said...

I WANT TICKETS AND A COOKIE!!!! And sorry for not blogging in a while... You know, exams really suck..... but that is all over now! And I am sure you will/have rocked it! <3

Anonymous said...

Good luck, and have fun!
I have always wanted to be an actress, and I think it's awesome you have the chance to be one.
Rock on, kick bootie, and all that jazz!