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Saturday, April 16, 2011


You guys are all gonna be REALLY confused and depressed and sad after I say what I'm about to say, but all I will say is that I ask you respect my opinion and stuff.

I feel like God's been putting it on my heart lately that I use this here laptop too much. And I do. But I think that I could be doing a lot of other things in the time I use on this. Chances are, you guys out there don't want to hear me preach at you.

But I'll explain this:

Who here's Catholic? Raise those hands! Okay, heh, I'm not. I'm pentecostal, actually. But Catholics (well, most of them) have I think seven weeks (Tim, correct me if I'm wrong) of Lent, which means they give something up for God. Well, I'm not doing that.

But I think that a while without the laptop won't kill me. So, to break this beginning addiction, I will not 1: blog, 2: write my stories, 3: go on YouTube to upload or watch videos, 4: comment on your blogs, 5: read your blogs, or 6: anything else.

My exceptions:

I WILL be posting on my Christian blog.
I WILL take videos and pictures off of my camera because I am not avoiding THE CAMERA.
I WILL charge my mp3 and get new songs on it.
and I WILL sort through pictures on my computer IF THEY'RE MY PICTURES. If I'm surfing WeHeartIt for no reason, that doesn't count.

I'm gonna ask you guys PLEASE not to leave me the "o cassidy pleeze dont go WE LUV U!" comments, that's gonna weaken my stregnth. If you guys would be really nice, ENCOURAGE me instead. I want to do this for GOD, who's more important than this webpage.

I'm going to read your blogs now, notify you, and sign off.

For thirty days, until May 17th.



Jen in the Purple Pants said...

*hand raised* I'm Catholic!! But I didn't give up anything for Lent because a) I tried and I lost and b) I'm not really a practicing Catholic (or any religion) but I really want to be. I really admire how dedicated you are to your religion and I wish I could be that way too!! I guess I haven't found God yet.
Bye for now!!

T-WAC said...

It takes a great deal of strength to take this sort of step in faith (I'm still struggling, even now).

But to have this kind of dedication to God is admirable.
I've been keeping myself down alot lately, and now I'm just struggling to let it all go.

Giving up stuff for Lent is hard (I gave up listening to music -- that's why my song of the day hasn't changed), but you just have to throw yourself into it.
You're gonna be able to do it. That's not an opinion. That's a fact.
I just get the feeling that once you set your mind to something, you're gonna do it, no matter what.
You're like Shannon in that way.

I know I've kinda written you a mile-long comment, but just know that Shannon and I (though Shannon hasn't read the post yet) will be here for you every step of the way.

God bless.

T-WAC said...

Oh, and in answer to Jen in the Purple Pants, I didn't even start to realize the importance of christian faith until I was 12.
But I've met people who have been dedicated christians at age 5. Just pray that God gives you guidance, and helps you love Him more. And pray that he helps you love your neighbor as yourself. Basically just say "I'm here, God, how can I serve you today?"

I'm a Catholic too, by the way.

T-WAC said...

Three consecutive comments! Wow, that's a first!

Anyway, it's five weeks of lent, not counting holy week, which starts with Palm Sunday.

Lily said...

Good luck Cassidy! You cn do it! See you in a month gurl!

Loulou said...

Hope you fell better after that experience, and I will eagerly be waiting for you to return! Hope you have a great computer break, and I think we all need one, whether we are christian or any other religion. Hope you achieve this goal! See you in thirty days!

Aoife. said...

Well, although I'm dissappointed that we won't be able to read each others blogs - I think a little internet detox will be good. Just don't forget about us for good!!

Anonymous said...

It really annoyed me that you thought that everyone would be like "no don't go Cassidy WE LUV U" Please, get your nose out of the air, hun. It might help you.

Jessica said...

I really have a religion, I don't wish to share it because like no one knows of it and I don't really practice it. But really, I feel we don't have a religion because my parents say every religion is based off of morals.

Though lately I realized what values people have when they talk about their religion. I guess just like T-WAC, I realizedhaving a faith is important.
So I have been researching religions that would work for me!!

Inspired by you and T-WAC.

Ninja (In Training) said...

ONYA CASSIDY!! You can do it girl!! I'm a Catholic too

Anonymous said...

This blog of yours is great hun, but your attitude doesn't fit. When you come back, maybe this break of yours will help you.

Loulou said...

To the anonymous person leaving comments, what is wrong with her attitude? She said not to leave her comments like that because last time she did something like this thats the type of comments she received. Cassidy is such a well-mannered and nice girl, and if you feel her attitude truly is a bad one, then you are welcome to think this, since this is a free country, but please go think it somewhere other than on her blog. Thanks.

Yo Katie! said...

*hand is raised* Hey Cass,
Lent is forty days and your supposed to start the day after Mardi Gras called Ash Wednesday. But Hey its perfectly fine to take a break from laptop and its great to make an effort. I'm proud o' my tall friend :) P.s. I to gave up computer uggghhh that's why I haven't been blogging. P.P.S Also gave up dessert. I guess i have seirious will power cuz everyone was like, Wow you gave up dessert! There is sort of a loophole though. Some people do this some people don't but its not just me that does it theres this thing where you can do what you gave up for Lent on Sundays. I am Having fun eating CANDY wooooooooohhhhhhhhhooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.P.P.S. Twac is tim? I'm so confused:(

Yo Katie! said...

What is with Antonymous and "hun"?(Cass do you know this person?! Again I am confused!:(

shannon said...

I'm a catholic!
I gave up something too. one year me and all my siblings gave up TV.
good luck!!

Zebra Corriina said...

Boody hoody hoo! oh well, bye the time i commented you were half way through your thingie!

Zebra Corriina said...

Anymous, you should get YOUR nose out of the air long enough to relise that you are REALLY rude! And you should back away from the mirror long enough to realise what you are saying. Miss ego trip! And if your a guy, i MEAN miss! People like you are the people no one likes! You can stick to 'your' story, but that's what OTHER people say to her! She didn't want people to drag her back! She heard about your comment, and i told her NOT to read it!

Jessica said...


Yo Katie! said...

Why don't you tell me what your Christian blog is so i can tell you to COME BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! fREAKING OUT HERE!

Yo Katie! said...


Lily said...

Ok, I sorta agree with the anonymous comment. I think the person worded it wrong, but that person is still right. No offense, but your posts can be a little nosy sometimes. Like when you said "Your gonna be really sad and confused after you read this" and "don't leave any 'DONT LEAVE CASSIDY WE LUV U' comments". I'm sorry, but that is just self centered. Just maybe think about what your saying next time. But I do admire you and what your doing, that is for sure.

Jen said...

In answer to T-WAC, man I am jealous of those 5 year olds! I'm 14 and I haven't found my faith yet...

In response to anon and Lily, chill. That is NOT self-centered. At all!!