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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Y'all need something better to read.

Okay dokay! Sorry I've been a while. And, like, have nothing to say. Anybody have ideas about what I could post about? Leave them by comment or (coughcoughShannonJessicaTimcough) call me. In news, my Wii is still broken, thanks to ME, my father has not had time to get my good ole iTunes downloads, and I have a million stories in drafts, three of which are ready to be sent to the Campbells, all others will appear sometime at my book blog, which can be found at this link. Those are all stories I've written.

I'm at the library, at a computer, with the plastic-wrapped keyboard that makes it hard to type, the mouse that doesn't like clicking on links, and the moue pad with http://www.gateway.com/ printed on it, along with a, um, block of ice. Don't see what that has to do with computers or mouse pads.

Okay, so, once again, I'll need some new stuff to post about.

(Oh! P.S. GRP is great! Ian isn't there, but Theresa, a freshman, Tasha, who attends a cosmetics school somewhere, and Jordyn, one of my best friends, are. Wahoo!)


T-WAC said...

Hmm..... Something you could post.... Honestly, I have no idea.
Most of the time, I start a post with little to no idea what I'm going to post about, and then I make it up as I go. It's like Calvinball!

Loulou said...

You could post about how you are inspired to write your stories... OMG I COULD INTERVIEW YOU BY SENDING YOU QUESTIONS AND THEN YOU CAN ANSWER THEM!


haha writers block right??I have that to at the moment which is weird becuz i have so much news!

Loulou said...

where should i send you the questions? they are on my blog right now, but i can also send you an email if you want, just let me know! love you and thanks for such a great comment on my post!