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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ma Homies

It's funny how many different kinds of friends I have, because they're all really different.

My church friends are who I go to when I want to have a good, EXCITING time, because pretty much any event that we see each other results in either most of us getting sugar high or causing chaos. They's pretty much my best friends, but if I'm trying to be serious, they're not the ones I'll go to.

My homeschool friends are where I go when I want to laugh...and laugh...AND LAUGH. At co-op, today, actually, we played kickball and then soccer and I think I might annoy the teenagers a little bit...they usually don't ask me to play with them, and now I know why: they just can't accept the fact that I can't catch a ball but I can steal it away from them.

My best friends (Jessica, Shannon...eh, let's throw Tim in there while we're on the topic of Shannon) are pretty much always there for me. Lotsa phone calls. Lotsa Shannon stopping breathing because she's laughing so hard...oh, Shannony, you're an oddball. You guys ROCK! (Tim, I hope you don't feel awkward because I added you here...I don't have any place else to put you and I guess I consider you my friend...yeah, okay.)

(BTW, news update, he has informed me that he's no longer procrastinating on his essay)

My blogger friends are YOU GUYS! You obviously don't know every thing about my life, but I think you guys care more about me sometimes than some of my others "friends." :)

Okay, now I have to go learn about cars...I'm at CHILL by the way, and we've all reccovered from stepping on Cal's feet playing soccer. :P (haha, you can't beat a girl. Nyah nyah!)


Loulou said...

hva fun learning about cars! Hope you enjoy! And I also think that you guys are nicer than some of my friends! it shows that you dont need to see someone to be nice to someone... awkward...

Aoife. said...

I was just thinking about something similer today; all my different sets of friends are really different, but it just seems to 'work' :)

Queena Corrina said...

Am i, your ever loving sister not in any of thoses categorys????? I am from church, i am homeschooled, and i consider you to be one of my best friends! Well, not my 'best friend' but your my sister, i could come to you for anything, 'cause you know you have to at least pretend to listen to me! Well, i still luv you<3<3

ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

I have friends in each of those catergories (except school friends instead of homeschool)! It's good to have a variety of friends, they just make it more interesting.


Haha sounds awesome! have fun leaarning about cars! One of my friends is absoloutely obsessed with them! *rolley eyes* haha awesome post!

T-WAC said...

Believe me. There's nothing awkward about adding me to your list of homeschool friends.