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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Abby is moving.

To North Carolina.

Thousands of miles away from here.

Abby is moving to North Carolina, which is thousands of miles away from here.

Our friend Abby. Kaylyn's friend Abby, Corrina's friend Abby, MY friend Abby. At the end of the school year, she is moving away, to North Carolina, which is thousands of miles away from here.

What will we remember about Abby? Her fantastic laugh. Her goofy smile. The way she'd get so pumped up about doing a video that almost nobody in the world will see. Her constant optimisim. The way she was nice to everybody. How happy she looked. How just being with her could make you happier.

We will remember how funny she is. What a good friend she is.

I have never fought with Abby. We have never insulted each other. She has supported me, and I think I've supported her. She's a good artist, singer, actress, smiler, laugher, friend.

We are gonna miss you like HECK, Abby.


Queena Corrina said...

I am deffinetly cryng... Tears rolling down my face kind of crying.... she will always luv us, she will really never go, she will be our friend forever, even if she wont..


shame im really sorry.....i know what it's like to lose a friend...maybe not becuz she moved thousands of miles away but fairly far:(

Loulou said...

I am so sorry... I know what it's like to move, I have moved about four times between Europe and America... And I may actually be moving to the states.... I am really excited to move but I would miss my friends wayy too much... I just hope that you will keep in touch.