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Monday, March 7, 2011

Well, there goes a week

Okay, yeah, I know. I gave you blogfest and then didn't post for a week. I've been busy, though. 5-K (or three mile run) training has been taking up all of my bloggin' time! (Yes, I am running a marathon. And to those who are concerned, it is not a diet, it is limiting what I eat)

As most of you know, I go to youth group on most Sundays, and I went (after going to Krista's house) last night. PMike was talking about stewardship (although he was pronouncing it "stewarship" and spelled it like that on the board, I noticed) and about how all the things we have are God's and that we're just taking care of them.

The last thing he pointed out was about our talents. I realize that sometimes, I just write fluff on this blog. He actually completely changed his blog and recreated it. I would love to be able to do that, but this blog isn't a total waste of internet browser and I'd like to keep it. However, I want to do SOMETHING to use my writing for God.

You can find my new CHRISTIAN-BASED blog over at God's Writer Girl, and I'd love it if you could follow. If I don't post on there, I won't post on here. That's my rule. If I want to write, write for God first, then write for you guys. (heh, sorry, you guys)

COMMENT TIME! Tell me what you think of my new blog, or of the whole idea! Since this is a Christian-based post, I will put a cap on the comments. Please don't give me any God-is-just-a-lie stuff, that brings me down. (Not to mention the fact that it is not true) Bye! (I'll try and do better in the posting department)

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Loulou said...

Hey, sorry to say that i am not really a very religious person, so i hope you dont mind me not following. But good job on expressing your feeling towards your religion. I am not really a an of all this religious stuff, but a lot of my friends are. And about your comment about God-being-a-lie, I believe that anyone can believe what they want. SO i wont follow your christian based blog, but I will support you in your decision! LOVE YOU!