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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tag! You're it!

Allo everybody! I have returned in a much brighter spirit then previously, and I have commented on the dahling Brookie's blog, thus earning me THIS TAG!

12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates is the mission here. And...let's start it PAUL MCCARTNEY STYLE!

One, two, three, FO!

I like chocolate soft-serve ice cream
I like Sundays
I like when people comment on my blog
I like talking to my friend Shannon
I like climbing trees, unless it's too windy to be outside, like today
I like books about spoiled brats (how weird is that, right?)
I like being the crazy one
I like skinny jeans
I like the new Wendy's french fries
I like swimming and going to the beach
I like boys who are taller then me (not LIKE LIKE, just friend like) (well, this is in MOST cases. I can name two boys who're taller then me that I am not a big fan of, lemme tell ya)
I like my sneakers
I love laughing.
I hate it when your day is going great and then something totally awful happens
I hate strawberry ice cream
I hate girls with too much eyeliner. I do not hate THE GIRLS, I hate the fact that they wear too much eyeliner. So, really, I hate it WHEN GIRLS wear too much eyeliner
I hate the fact that I cannot snap my fingers
I hate it when people don't listen to what I'm saying
I hate the smell of burning things
I hate rice, pork, ribs, fish, barbeque sauce, cabbage, cooked carrots (raw ones are okay), tuna fish, anything with a sauce on it, salt and vinigar chips....(this list goes on forever.)
I hate the word hate.

Okay, soo, I am gonna be really lazy with blogging and not bother to link back to people, sooooo, I'll just tell you who they are and if you care you can look them up somewhere.

I tag:

Aoife at Ace of Aoife
Jessica at Jessica's World
and Tim at There's a Walrus in your Shirt, Mr. Campbell!
(I would like to note that this is Tim's first tag, so we must make sure he accepts this. TIM! DID YOU HEAR ME? YOU MUST TAKE THIS!)

I would also like to note that this may be the first time I have ever tagged/awarded a boy (well, excepting Pastor Mike, but he does not count) on this blog. But I know Tim. So this is different.

Bye and leave comments so that I don't get all sad!


Loulou said...

Hey, this is me leaving a comment. Hopefully you won't get all sad. And dont worry. A C- is not the end of the world. I got a C+ on my french test, and it was quite a happy day, cause you know, french is hard!

Aoife. said...

Hey, thanks for tagging me! I can't wait to do it :D

Pina Colada said...

Hi Cassidy,

Im Pina Colada, Im part of a group called the flying eco coladas. A cause to stop smoking. This group is entirely run by kids from ages 9-17. The founders are Constance and Icebat, kids of course. We have a suckish blog now and a slow group but we just need members to help. Email theflyingcocktails@gmail.com if your interested!


Pina Colada

Queena Corrina said...

Bye, read my blog to understand

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

haha I used to like boys who were taller than me, but now that they've all skyrocketed I hate it!!
So glad you're back!!

T-WAC said...

Wait a minute. What's a tag?
More importantly, what do I do with it?