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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A letter

Hi. Everyone out there, please read this letter:

Dear everybody reading this,

I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger. I'm sorry I don't post anymore. I'm sorry I make you leave the comments with NOs with ten more Os. I'm sorry I don't do what you want me to. I'm sorry I don't meet your standards. I'm sorry I'm not perfect. These things can not be helped.
But sorry does not make an interesting post.
The thing is that I am who I am. I make mistakes. I slack off from blogging and make you leave the little comments that make me want to smile. I'm lonely. I am a lonely, homeschooled girl who does not have a social life and has no friends.
Think of your friends. Count them on your fingers. If you run out, count on a piece of paper. I can take three fingers: Krista, Jessica, Shannon. I feel lonely. Nobody calls me. I think I bore people. I've never really thought of myself as a boring person. I mean, all my phone calls with my friends are nice. They'll sound excited to hear me. Shannon laughs her head off every time. So...remind me why, if you're enjoying this so much, you cannot make the effort to call?
I don't think I'm a boring person. I don't dress like everybody else, nor look like, nor talk like, nor sound like...I am not another Hannah Montana, bleach-blond, way-too-much-makeup, ew-mud-and-bugs, hooray-for-boys ditzy clone. But maybe people are bored with me...I don't blame other people. I'm not going to change. This is the Cassidy you're stuck with, America! This is it, the grand total! No more, no less!!!!
Once, I was in a mall, going to Target to get some pictures taken. I passed these two girls. One of them was the aforementioned clone. She looked nice. She wore a pink shirt, blue jeans, lipstick, and eyeliner. Her hair was blond. She looked trendy. She looked rather nice.
The other girl looked wild. Short, crazy hair, skinny jeans that were torn in a million places, a studded belt, lip pierced, eyebrows pierced, a million earrings, and black floppy high-tops. Not trendy. Not another supermodel-oh-I-need-to-wear-these-clothes-to-look-cool girl. She smiled at me. I smiled back.
I want to be like that girl. I want some random chick at the mall to look at me and think, wow, I want to be like that girl. I do not mean I would like my eyebrow pierced. This is not the point! The point is, I want to stand out. I want to be noticed. Don't we all?
Love, with all due respect and such wonders,


Queena Corrina said...

You made me cryyyy! if you wanna be random, you reached your goal. Not the point, the point is you don't have to be the crazy punk-rock-girl in target to get people to notice you! just be you, and that's weird enough all ready without your lip pierced! luv you, cass cass <3

T-WAC said...

It is illogical for you to say such things.
1. You could not possibly bore people if you tried. How you can think you bore people is beyond me.

2. Okay, I know a whole lot of people. Many of them are my friends. But a friend is someone who would die for you. Using that definition, I have two, maybe three friends. You're doing better than me in that department.

3. You see my blog. A while ago I went three weeks without posting. Did you do that? I didn't think so.

4. If you were a bad blogger, you wouldn't have sixty-someodd followers.

Everything I just said, in fewer words: You rock!
I've been lonely too, trust me, and I see where you're coming from.
But don't get so down on yourself!
We all love you!

Loulou said...

NOOOOOOOOO (Only added 9 extra O's) You are not boring... And if you lived in my country we would be on the phone. BUt that is the problem. We dont... Which is why i rely on your blog to know what is new in your life. And dont worry, I have also been an awful blogger. I swear I still love you! <3

Lily said...

Cassidy, I sometimes go a month without posting. You go a week. You are not a bad blogger. AT ALL. And your blog doesn't bore me. I always always read your posts but I just don't have time to comment.

And it'll always be one of my favourite blogs.

Also, don't change. I'm pretty sure AT LEAST ONE person has though "wow. I wanna be just like her". Or an acquaintance that has thought "wow. I love her personality. I wish I had a personality like that.

shannon said...

Cassidy I don't think you could have posted about a more impossible thing. how can YOU of all people be boring...It is not POSSIBLE.

(In really wierd scottish accent kinda like like Shierk) stand up straighter sargent! PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!! please? :)