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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am Paul McCartney.

Today, I was packing lunches for our field trip to the Norman Rockwell Museum (which is actually a nice place to go). My favorite band is the Beatles (which, I will point out, I liked before everyone else, so HA!) and I was listening to one of their CDs called Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. (Which I have loved since I was, like, four.)

Casey (little brother) comes in and askes, "Cass, is this the Beatows?" (aka, Beatles)
I said, "Yes, it is." I showed him the CD cover jacket.
He started naming them. "Dat's Paul, dat's Ringo, dat's George, and...who's that guy?"
I laughed, "that's John Lennon."

So a couple of minutes later, my other younger brother, Aidan, comes into the kitchen and I'm still listening to the CD. Casey goes up to him and goes, "this is the Beatows!"

Aidan came name them all except for Ringo. He asked me which one was my favorite. I said, "Paul."
Aidan goes, "I love John!"
I found this funny but slightly awkward. Casey informed us that he likes Paul and Ringo. And we all know that Corrina likes George Harrison.

Later, we were unpacking lunches at the museum, and mom pulls out a sandwich. "This one says RINGO on it," She said. She sounded rather alarmed.
"That's Casey's."
Mom pulls out another one. "John."
"That's Aidan's."
Another sandwich. "Paul?"
"That's me."
Another sandwich. "Corrina."
No comment neccesary.

So I am Paul McCartney today. For those of you who don't know, the Beatles were famous in the sixties. John Lennon is guitar, George Harrison is lead guitar, Paul McCartney plays bass, and Ringo Starr plays drums.

I'll also say that today, I was looking at pictures on Weheartit and I'd searched the Beatles to see what came up. There was this REALLY awesome quote that this guy said. He said, "I love Ringo Starr." This girl said, "Nobody loves Ringo Starr." The guy said, "That's why I love him."

Ha. I found that funny.


Loulou said...

YAY!!! The Beattles rock!!!! And so does John Lennon
Its nice to have you back!! I missed you and I have also been a horrible blogger!

Aoife. said...

You liked the beatles before everyone else? So, you like them before. . .you were born? :)

Queena Corrina said...

I do like George Harrison, have a problem with that bucko???

Loulou said...

THANKS A BUNCH!!!!! And I am sorry, I just couldnt help myself! I reallly like your song, and sorry azbout all the spelling mistakes... I am slightly tired and too lazy to change them so youll have to live with them! Love you!! <3 <3