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Thursday, November 15, 2012

dance around in your pjs getting ready for school

When I grow up, I am going to be a cool mom.

i'm going to sing to them all the time and randomly just start baking cookies and letting them frost them and allowing my living room to be turned into a dragon's lair with forts made out of couch cushions and play beautiful music for my children all the time. I'm going to name them beautiful names and write stories about them and let them wear what they want and let them be creative.

i'm going to let them turn the kitchen into a dance studio and take lots of photos of them and we'll have a cat and they'll name him and i'll play pirates with them and pretend to pillage the towns around us. i'm going to make them the occasional coco until they're old enough to drink tea with me and sometimes just buy them clothes, if i have enough money, but even if i don't, i'll make it work and i'll let them pierce their ears if they want to.

i'm going to do some of the things my own mom did, like take them out for donuts on occasion and sing them bedtime songs and be silly sometimes and drive them places even if it's out of the way and buy lots of good, nutritious but still yummy food and not be picky about what they wear and who they hang out with as long as i know they'll behave.

i'm going to let them climb trees and i'm going to take them on crazy vacations and cuddle with them in the mornings and help with their homework and hug them before they get on the bus and let their friends come over all the time and i'll make decent food and i won't yell when i don't need to and i'll be open to everything all the time and i'll get them all ipods because ever child needs music in their life.

but no matter what, i'm going to hug them when they need it and ask if they're okay and i'm going to take them to church every week and tell them i love them and they can always be their own person and me and their father will love each other and love them and no matter what happens, i will be their mother and they will be my children and we will be family because i never want my children to feel like there's nobody there for them because that's the worst feeling in the world.

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