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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


it's tomorrow :) and i'm heading out to visit family, same with the day after. today's kristine's birthday. she's turning five.

i finished charlotte's web, obviously, and my birthday followed. report cards came out. honor roll, although barely ;) me and sam, tyler, eddie, liam, andrew, gabe, felecia, and krista all saw existing the fall in concert and it was incredible. tyler, sam, liam, eddie, and me all went down into the mosh pit (you know, like right in front of the stage) and it was pretty incredible.

except we were staying in a hotel (which my friend danny was also staying in which was awesome) and andrew, sam, and tyler had to room with this kid named marquis who wouldn't shut up all night, even after we got back from the concert, so sam was texting me all night about how tired he was and how he just wanted marquis to shut up.

so i'm just listening to music because it was a half-day from school today. i love music. i love listening to music and that's pretty much all i ever do anymore, really. but that's okay with me. music is good.

today me and kevin had to play this game in math and it was actually really funny because it was the most boring and confusing game i've ever played in my entire life. we ended up not understanding and just laughing and talking the whole class except when me teacher walked by and then we pretended we totally knew what we were doing, even though we absolutely did NOT.

to leave you i'm just going to put up a cute pic of me and sam and krista and felecia at the concert waiting outside in the entryway.
guess which one's me ;) and then sam (duh) and then krista and felecia's in the owl hat. byye have a good holiday people ;)

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