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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

pack your bags, cause i've already won

today the whole eighth grade class went over to the high school to take a tour of the tech division. in my group were a couple of my friends (elise, tim, brandon berlanger, miranda, noah, and ben garrett), but i just hung out with ben the whole time because idk i love ben. he's the conceited jock. every class has one. he's also like one of my best friends now.

we just talked the whole time because we're not going to the tech division, so who cares? we all know what we're going to be when we grow up anyways.

me: i'm going to be famous when i grow up.
noah: i'm going to go into business.
me: why?
noah: so i can get rich!
ben: i'm already rich.
noah: you are?
ben: yeah. i'll just keep being rich when i'm older and i won't have to work.
me: yeah right.
noah: maybe i'll just find an oil mine in my backyard so i won't have to work either.
me: now you've influenced him ben.
ben: sorry.

today in science bryce didn't do half of his project. we had to peer grade. me, adam, and bryce just walked around. we kind of just gave everyone an A, except josh, because we don't like him, and vonti, becase his project looked like a disaster area exploded onto some cardboard.

that's it for today okay byyeee

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