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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

it's a hole in the wall.


well, this summer is shaping out a lot better than i'd been expecting. it's been mostly hanging out with sam, swimming, drinking soda, flip flops, not doing my makeup because i'm not going out, and blond hair. (yeah, dats me.) listening to music off my laptop, texting brian and sam and anita and kyle and not really anyone else. this kid i barely know somehow got my number and has been talking to me quite a bit lately, and it's kind of annoying.

i love car rides. the wind through my hair, just the feeling of motion. i've just always really liked riding in cars. i listen to my ipod.

the other day, sunday, i'm pretty sure, i was riding with my dad, sam, and corrina. we were taking him home after youth group (yeah, definately sunday then) and it was just nice. we just chilled out in the backseat, listening to my dad....talk...about smores. and how they're not fruit. i had to fish his stuff out of my purse. he keeps his phone, insulin, needle tips, and OH AND HIS SOCKS pretty much anything else in there.

this summer is great. i've been on vacation with josh and andrew, been shopping with them too. that was so cool. it was just us, josh being our "bodyguard," because he's sixteen and andrew and corrina aren't really supposed to go alone so the "big kids" tagged along. that was really cool. we stopped for candy at night. it was dark, we poked around stores, and it was tons of fun. then we met back up with his mom.

i've been to the ocean with felecia, kaylyn, morgan, krista, corrina, and mackenzie. i haven't hung out with kyle or anita yet, and that's rather annoying, but hey. we've still got a month.


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