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Friday, July 27, 2012

Gonna fool the bad

my hair actually looked like exactly like this until the dye washed out at the ocean.

hm. what are you gonna do?

sleepover tonight with krista, felecia, and lily. tacos and ice cream and movies are involved. right now i'm listening to music. and i'm blogging. and i wish i was swimming. so anyways, i gave myself a haircut yesterday and i personally love it.

the only bad thing about summer is that i can't wear my beanie hat. which i miss. i always joke around with my cousins because they say i wear it so much, i say if i could i would marry my beanie hat. i love my beanie hat.

well, short post today, but i felt like posting something. back to music :3
Tonight we're going hard, just like the world is ours, we're really superstars, we are who we are.-We R Who We R by Kesha

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