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Monday, April 9, 2012

my seven husbands

Ask me if I'm single or taken.

I love it when people do because I can say: I have seven husbanddsssss.......yea.

Number one is NIALL JAMES HORAN. <3 XD
DAWWWWWW. yes we've been married pretty much forever and he's adorable and blond and hes like IRISH and he can sing and he's flippin cuuuuuttteeee......

Number two is Animal from the muppets. I don't have a picture but we've been in love pretty much since i was about six and saw the show...he was number one until I liked 1D. Sorry...but you're still number two.

Number three must be Gir from Invader Zim. No explaination necessary.

Number four, five, and six are three guys I met at camp named Boston, David, and Ian, and I'm married to all three. Me and a friend were talking and she was discussing which one she'd marry. Me: "Whatever. I'm married to all three so you can't have any."

And number seven is David Hasslehoff no hands down. No explaination flippin NECESSARY its the hoff brah.


Anonymous said...

Confusing. ^__^

ALYSSA said...

My friend likes Nial Horan and she is obsessed

QueeenzzzzXD said...

yeah, cass... keep thinkin ur normal :D, lol. Luv ya <3