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Monday, April 2, 2012

butterfly wings


hey guys :) i found this picture and i really, truly, would absolutely love my hair like this. super cereal. i am SUPER cereal x)

goodmorning! (afternoon) whatever. i have been informed that my posts don't make a lot of sense lately by someone who shall not be mentioned (coughcoughmyfathercough) and i told him he wasn't exactly my target audience. but that's okay. right now, my entire life doesn't make a lot of sense lately. why, you must be asking? (or not, that's cool, i guess...)

anyways...school house rock rehearsals start tomorrow and i can't wait :D i've been reallllllllyyyyyyyy excited about them for a rather long time. can't wait to start :3

does anybody else just want to stop being judged on like what you like? because, i am not ashamed to announce my new love for Adventure Time with Finn and Jake xD seriously. beautiful. and if you hate it than hate. haters gonna hate. potaters gonna potate.

lol. i lol'd at that. LAWL.

haha. okay. i leave you guys with a picture

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