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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School dayz

Oh no! It's that time of year again! We Americans have to go back to school again! I don't hate school, it's just that i don't like it! Did you know summer vacation's shorter than school time? That's what I, a summer vacation lover,call unfair.Has anyone heard? There's a new show on ABC about HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, just in time for school. Talk about coincidences! Well, I think being home-schooled is fun (most of the time). Do you ever buy Alkiline batteries?Don't put them in your ipods and mp3's.They work like garbage. Just don't use them,please. Anyway, I want to give a shout out to my best school buddies,Katie and Stephany!You know Katie from one of my blogs,and must have mentioned Steph sometime.I want them to have a great year, and they would not get in as much trouble as I do.Right now I have a ban on computer for three days.Wait, then how am I writing this?Oh well,I'm running out of room here, so i'm gonna wrap it up.Happy birthday Jamie,I love you dad,post comments,etc,etc.

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Tony said...

hey babe.. great blog.. only 1 more day of your ban.. the ban on playing on computer.. write all you want.

be good kiddo
i love you

need my paper said...

I still remember when I was in school I also have same feelings of going back to school after vacations but believe me you gonna miss this when you will grow