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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chain saws

OK, so the title's a little weird, but it's the topic, so work with it. So this guy across the street is just doing something' weird (again),and all of a sudden,I hear this chain saw noise! And it just keeps coming and coming. It is now getting quite irritating.I wish he could do something normal like knitting or somthing like that. Weird. It finaly stopped. How awkward is that? Well, my dad told me that his friend Todd was reading this blog. I want to say thank you to him for being, like ,the only guy other than my dad and grandmother who reads this thing. And also, Post a comment, who ever does read this blog.

Yours-never-commented truly,


Anonymous said...

chainsaws can be scary!


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Chains saw can really be dangerous and we must be careful of such things and keep our kids away of such things