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Saturday, July 20, 2013

holding hands

so i spent a week at summer camp. made two adorable, awesome friends. i'm exhausted. i'm sunburned. good stuff right there.

i actually get to see shannon this thursday and i am super excited, because i haven't seen that girl in ages. her whole family is apparently coming over. i'm pretty happy. we have so much catching up to do. i can't wait to be able to chat with her.

cam's away at camp for a week and i already miss him tons. i told him to stay out of trouble. he won't.

i am yet to do the summer packet we were assigned. it's a good thing i still have a month because i can't see that thing leaving the bookshelf for another solid three weeks.

i am going to sleep. goodnight :3

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http://assignmentman.co.uk/ said...

Making new friends is always an exciting thing but staying and sticking with the oldies is something that can never be replaced by any other charm in life