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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ceiling made of stars

 the things of sam: insulin tips and jolly ranchers he leaves in my purse, midnight texts, movies, football games, singing, doing the spongebob, being awkwardly close, knees touching, long car rides, late night oovoo chats, gingersnaps, inside jokes.
 the things of kyle: the smell of his cologne, early morning hugs, lots of plans, cereal, candy bars, two lunch days, carrying him bridal-style, showchoir auditions, his hiccupy-giggly laugh, his smile in the hallways, skinny jean shorts, his purple phone, dancing, stars, cuddling when he's tired, naturally curly hair.
the things of anita: singing together, super-tight skinny jeans, hair dyye, overdue english homework, winks from across the class, pool parties, kids movies, games of clue, combos and watermelon, glasses, pizza, aligator lunch boxes, nike backpacks, complaining about boys, mayday parade.
the things of liam and ozzy: sitting stuffed on couches, band t-shirts, haircuts, superpowers, rocks, hiding under desks, manhunt at night, snowball fights, riding bikes, energy drinks, playing soccer, skateboards, swimming in kiddie pools, boxers, showering at camp, free samples, thrift shops, fudge, candy shops, hoodies, card games, m-rated video games, late at night with a flashlight, babysitting, car rides, tents, rain, losing the keys to my uncle's van, playgrounds.
the things of krista: one direction, gir, clothing swaps, sleepovers, the justin beiber movie, staying up late, the stars, cable tv, subway sandwiches and cookies, earrings, the playground, ambulances, police officers, ice packs, her dog, church, basketball, bikinis, embarrassing stories, magazine posters, the jesse mccartney shrine, oovooing sam, penguins.
we'd laugh at the stars and share everything, too young to notice and too dumb to care, love was a story that couldn't compare. I said girl can I tell you a wonderful thing? I made you a present with paper and string, open with care now, I'm asking you please, you know that I love you,
will you marry me? now son I'm only telling you this because life can do terrible things, you'll learn one day, and I hope and I pray that God shows you differently.
-Terrible Things by Mayday Parade

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