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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm Ready

 I'm ready for winter. I saw this picture and decided to make an entire post about things i'm looking forward to fall and winter.
 I'm ready for parkas and fingerless gloves and comfy boots and colorful leaves. I'm ready for chilly afternoons and schoolbus rides and apples and zip-up coats and the sevies. I'm ready for long-night phone calls and birthday parties and skateboards and long jeans. I'm ready for One Direction's new album and birthday cards and sweaters and warm socks and walking my dog and pumpkin-scented candles and Chrismas songs.

I'm ready for dumb homework and late-night texts and meeting new people and having to zip Kyle's coat up because he's an idiot. I'm ready for singing in the car and leaves falling and sips of coffee and eating donuts and sleepovers on Fridays. I'm ready for eating third lunch and memories and Stephen sitting behind me and kicking my seat on the bus and libraries and downloads and everything.
I'm ready for cute bracelets and wearing hats every day and apple cider and snuggling under the blankets wearing pajamas at four in the afternoon. I'm ready for ms. polly babysitting my brothers and lame board games and hanging out with the homeschool crew and staying up on oovoo with sam and watching Disney movies and reading old story books to aidan, casey, and kristine. I'm ready for leftover Halloween candy and blogging everyday and riding in the front seat.

I'm ready for Anita and Isis and Tristan and Molly and Bryce and Abby and Elise and Peter and Griffin and Kevin and Josh and Ben and Emma and Max and Kathleen and Cole and Tyler and everybody else there.

But more than anything else at that school, I'm ready for Kyle's goodmorning hugs, every day in front of my locker, right before advisory, quick, rushed, but still just a little happy thing to remind us that this is middle school and we don't have to grow up for four years and we can still hug in the hallways if we want to.

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