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Thursday, December 8, 2011

That is really horrible!

Okay, so a couple of kids in the seventh grade (like ME!) are doing this really horrible thing based on grades and stuff to see (i am LEGIT here) who is the stupidest boy and girl in the grade. Kyle and Emma placed first. Emma hasn't found out. Ben told me about it yesterday in advisory and I just can't believe they would do something like that!

I mean, they're obviously not trying that hard, but they don't need other seventh graders to rub it in. Come ON guys, I mean, there was no call for that.

And on top of it, KYLE found out. He comes up to me at my locker and goes "Do you think I'm stupid? Everyone else does!"
"Kyle, you seriously care what they think?" I mean, when did THAT happen? The kid sings nursery rhymes in the hallways sometimes.
"I'm just kidding," He says as he STEALS MY LUNCHBOX.

After I tackled him in front of my English teacher (heh heh) I talked to him for a minute and he doesn't seem to care. (Shocker, right?) But...uh, Jessica and whoever else knows him, maybe don't bring it up? Because I don't want a mad Kyle running around. That may not be pleasant, so keep this kinda like blog-only...I don't even know if eighth graders are doing it, but I don't want them starting!

Comment on this if you think it's as horrible as I do.


Martine said...

That's terrible!!!!!! I mean, why the heck would anybody want to just single out people as "dumb"... they're probably just insecure themselves..

Anonymous said...

Look sweetheart, live goes on. Your goina meet people like this, just ignore 'em all!