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Monday, December 26, 2011


Okay, so maybe we're a little weird.
We're the scary emo kids.
We wear brightly colored skinny jeans and have our hair in our face.
We pierce our own ears.
We pretend we don't care when REALLY, we do.
We do our homework in homeroom.
We wear so much eyeliner, you can barely see our eyes.
We listen to heavy metal.
We love coming home to noone being there.
We hate people pretending to care.
We have secrets.
We scare the new kids.
We creep out the popular kids.
We love each other more than you think.
We like ACDC before they were cool again.
We make the teachers nervous.
We do English papers on the history of Manic Panic.
But if you look past our surface,
We're just some kids with brightly colored hair and pants, lots of makeup, a scary past, and an unpredicted future.
Lovin, because everybody needs a friend, even the scary Emo kids. ^_^

--Yes, this sums up my life right now. Except I didn't pierce my own ears. I found this and love this. Thanks for being here ;)


T-WAC said...

That is really really cool.

Kinda makes me wonder, though.... What's the difference between emo and goth?

Anonymous said...

Yeah...and this is exactly how true God-loving Christians should act. :C