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Friday, July 15, 2011


Okay, I have 62 minutes on the library computer, so I guess I have to rush. Ha.

Tomorrow, I have a GRP audition for School House Rock...excited/happy/need to Facebook Krista and tell her to freak out for me. (What? Some body's gotta get nervous about this!)

So...speaking of the book of Faces, my dearest mother is contemplating setting a time limit for me so I'm not on every ten minutes, which I actually haven't been. I've been going on for about five minutes every three hours or so all through the day. Yesterday I had some groovy chat sessions with a lady from church, my Aunt Pam, and Ozzy.

Good ole Ozzy.

I'm up to nineteen friends. If any body's interested in friending me, inform me of this. If you're not allowed to, I totally understand! After all, I'm just some random chick on a library computer! (Although my profile picture DOES have me in a cow hat...all interested?)

Okay, so, fifty-eight minutes on the clock and I think I'll use those reading other people's blogs! Bye!


Zebra Corr!na said...

I'm on the library computer to!!! Actually, i'm right next to you.... Go figure!

Loulou said...

I am sure everything will be great! And I would love to friend you but I am only allowed to friend people that I have actually met in real life! Maybe someday! And thank you for the comment, I totally understand! <3

Anonymous said...

good luck tomorrow!!
Haha, I was still looking for auditions but, still all I have found is stuff for your dad....

Jen said...

I'd friend you but the rule in my house is to only friend people I know in real life!! I'm sorry!!
Good luck for your audition!!!

Meg's Corner said...

cool! good luck!

Mike Brown said...

Did you know I have a new blog. The only one I actually write on these days. mikebrownrunning.blogspot.com