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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Does not!

So I was hanging out with some friends at a Teen Youth Camp (or Teen Cramp, as we affectionately call it) this past Thursday, and they were eating some hot dogs. Most of you know I am vegetarian, making this kind of awkward to me.

So my friend Bryan asks everybody how many they had. Isaiah/Isaac (they're twins, so it's REALLY hard to tell them apart and remember who is who and all...we'll just assume this is Isaiah) was up to number 9 (ouch, right?), Isaac was up to number 5, and Bryan was on number 3. Bryan asks me, "Why aren't you eating hot dogs?"

"I'm vegetarian."

Then Isaac says, "Sucks to be you."

Bryan goes, "Dude, that's not what you say to a girl!"

"What do I say? 'I like meat?'"

"Yes," I say, laughing.

"Okay then. I like meat."

So I'm like, it's my choice, I don't think it's that bad. And while they're killing pics, I had a bag of chips and watermelon.

This wasn't really important or anything. I just felt like sharing that story because it's random and I thought it was funny and it's a pretty good glimpse of what goes on in my world. (PS: Isaac/Isaiah or whoever that was: It does not. It rocks to be me. :D)


Jen said...

Man Isaiah and Isaac are funny twin names!! That must be confusing.
Good for you standing up for what you believe in!! Watermelon and chips beat hot dogs anyway :D

Loulou said...

hahahah " That's not what you say to a girl!" Oh those boys seem to have some sort of respect for you! Lucky! And watermelons? YUMM!

shannon said...

my brother once ate 4 hotdogs when he was only 7 or 8 years old! he didn't have any room for the s'mores we were having later:) LOL

Anonymous said...

I had the choice to go to Teen Cramp!!! UGH!!! I didn't know you where going!!!!