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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


When you go outside, what do you see? You see rocks, grass, moss, twigs, and maybe leaves. But, when you go outside you see lots of these: TREES. Trees are so important to us, we couldn't live without them. Trees are a very big part of the Eco system. That's a cool new thing I learned about. Sounds fancy, doesn't it?Not really. Here's how to put it simpler: the food chain, the circle of life, the passing of a torch. It's how earth works. When you breathe, you exhale carbon dioxide gas. (great big word there, exhale) Trees (Here's the cool thing) inhale carbon dioxide and exhale air, for humans to breathe. Think about it, without trees, we couldn't really live. When you climb a tree, like I do, think of it as climbing a machine. A machine that makes air. Wow, that's actually educational! Forget school, kids. Come to this site and learn about Eco systems and what not. You've just learned a cool lesson about nature, air, gasses, Eco systems, and outdoorsmanship. (Another big word!) By the way, here's a list of cool words I've learned:







Now those are really big words! I love picking up cool stuff to say. My friends say big words come naturally to me. Now, here's a bonus point! I learned the word omnipresent from my kids church teacher, Mrs. Polly! See, Mrs. Polly! Your kids church lessons ARE paying off!


Polly said...

how about the others...omniscient, omnipotent...i'll teach you those some other time. glad you learned SOMETHING in kid's church!

BostonBrown said...

i like to breathe tree oxygen