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Monday, March 9, 2009

The group

When we at our church were smaller we all hung out in one group. Corrina, Lauren, Liam, Morgan, Robert, Carl, Samantha, Zach, and I. It didn't matter what gender, age , or sense of fashion you had. We all were one big group. Then, things changed. There were Morgan and Lauren and Carl in the older kids class, me and Liam and Zach and Robert going to kids room, and Corrina and Samantha in little kids. We were all split apart. Now, instead of one, there were three groups. Morgan and Lauren were now best buds and started realizing that we were all younger. Me and the boys didn't care about genders, obviously. We were best friends. Samantha and Corrina stayed friends and things seemed to adjust and we all got along perfectly, right? WRONG! Something happened. Carl, Samantha, and one of best friends for the time, Robert were moving! Off to New Hampshire they went, now I barely see them except when they sometimes visit our church. Most of our group dealt with it well, but not Corrina! Having Sam move away wasn't fun. Well, at least the bad times were over, right? Wrong again! Me and the guys: when you are in first grade, you learn about GENDERS. Now, we're about five years in the future. I still hang out with Liam sometimes, seeing Zach every Wednesday night. Now at church I hang out with Sheesha+Kaylyn, they're the only one's there that early. After church, I like to hang out with a new Zach, who doesn't care about genders. I'm glad I can still hang out with the boys. As from reading this blog, you may note that I am not much of a girl-girl. All growing up my best friends are boys. That's why my mom tells Corrina to stay away from them!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while,



Tony said...

Hey Cass...

I love you.. just wanted to comment on your blog.. i remember when I was 10 and the biys and girls didn't hang out with each otehr and then in High School, we all started hanging out together again. As people gro up, things do change. Just remember change is good and important. and there is one cool dude you can always ahng out with and thats me...

love ya kiddo

Polly said...

oh, the drama. your life is just one big soap opera, isn't it? you keep hanging with boys. unless your mom and dad say no.

BostonBrown said...

friends change over the years as people get older, but you don't have to change the type of friend you are...always try to be a good one!!!