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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tony pasta is my favorite guirtarest!

Dad's the best dad ever! I love him more then any man on the planet! My dad is cool for many reasons. My dad is the best guitar player in the entire world! I love being the worship leaders daughter! My dad has a great out side spirit! He's not one of those dads who's idea of roughing it is chinese food without a fortune cookie. In the summer we go hiking, biking, swimming, camping, and basketball. In the fall we rake leaves, and do more hiking and biking. In the winter we go sledding and make forts. But the best thing about my dad is his love for music and mine. My dad's favorite guitar player is Tony Rice. He loves him so much, and his name is Tony, and he plays guitar, and he wants to be like Tony Rice. I told him he was way better, and he is, and he said thank you, but he still wants to be as good as him (already accomplished). So we started calling him Tony Pasta. I still call him dad, and he's still Uncle Tony to my cousins, but he's still Tony Pasta. Right now he's watching the Tony Rice tutorial interview, which is Tony's best selling DVD. My dad is my favorite guitar player, and he always will be.

See you soon!


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BostonBrown said...

So your dad's the best at all that, but who's the best children's pastor...Ms. Polly!!!