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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Cassidy's funny moment of the day:

Vice Principal: Where are you supposed to be?
Kyle: Wind Ensemble.
Vice Principal: What? That's on the first floor in the music room!
Kyle: WHAT? Are you serious?!!
Vice Principal: Why the heck are you looking around the cafeteria?
Kyle: I dunno! Maybe they met HERE!
Vice Principal: Wind Ensemble? (Kyle nods) In the cafeteria? (Kyle nods again) Kyle, my boy..........do you need to go see the guidance counselor?
Kyle: No time, I have to get to Wind Ensemble!

(Ah, my school rocks. I love Kyle :D)


Loulou said...

Nice! Anyways sorry about not commenting, but like I said blogspot doesnt work on my school computer... please dont be mad, Ill make you cookies if you still love me! :D

↘Cassidy↙ said...


Anonymous said...

I still haven't met Kyle!!! Ugh!!

Zebra Corr!na said...

i want to meet kyle :p tell him i say hi! luv u cassidy!