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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Oh wow I haven't blogged in forever nervous laugh ahahahaha lets get MOVIN!

Hello friends! Remember me? Claude?

Oh, wait, no, right. Lemme start over.

Hello friends! Remember me? Cassidy? Yep. Ima back!

Who missed me? Nobody? SERIOUSLY? Well, you all smell like smell. Moving on. (jk u people rock) School's going good and luckily Kyle was able to find the Wind Ensemble room that day, but it turns out that he's actually in hand chimes O_O go Kyle!

Poor kid.

Haha, yep, life is being awesome again. It does that sometimes...My brothers are watching this sTrAnGe documentary that was made in, like, 1800 with some old man in a moustache (which are always cool, moustaches) talking about old...stuff.

And on the other hand, I've gotta go. Leave comments if you are not lazy and enjoyed this post. If you are lazy or did not enjoy this post, just leave. Nobody likes you. (jk ur mom probly <3s u to death :D)


↘Cassidy↙ said...

hey hey hey, now hotcheese! ur mom does to luv u to death, kinda sorta. i don't see u comenting, now do i??? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i do not, jk, i'm silly Luv u! wait, aw crap! ur signed in! oh, this is corrina! heehee, not cassidy, but u knew that!

Loulou said...

Hahaha hi! I had a weird moment when I saw you commenting on your own post... But it is your sister so all is well! And I missed you very much! Welcome back!

Aoife. said...

Glad to see your back :] And men in mustaches automatically make a subject 67.439% more interesting. FACT.

Jenna said...

haha Claude!!
Glad school is going good for you!!

shannon said...

I like double chocolate sundays with one scoop of strawberry ice-cream....
I'm glad you like school;)