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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hi, it's me again. I haven't written in quite a while, so excuse me if this may be a little long. Yesterday was the start of summer. I have an in ground pool, so i won't be to hot. Last night was HOT! It was ten thirty at night when I got a heat head ache. I went down to my mom and dad and told them. You won't believe what they said I could do. GO SWIMMING RIGHT THEN AND THERE! Well, I had my first moonlight swim. And it was awesome!

Today I plan to summer it to the highest! I want to swim like there's no tomorrow! I think my family is too hot to say the word hot. I wonder when the Spencer fair is? I hope it's soon. This hot weather we're having is much hotter than last years. My Grammy came over yesterday. We swam a lot. She had fun, and so did I. My pool is my house's main attraction. Everyone loves to come over my house and swim in my big pool. I think summer needs my pool, and my pool needs summer. It's the circle of pools and summer. ( How does that relate to anything?) Well, I love summer!

Good bye!



Tony said...

summer is here and the time is right for swimming in our pool.. yippee!!! i love you cassidy.. stay cool kid!!!

love you

Leah P said...

I need your pool too!

Leah P said...

P.S. You are an awesome writer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassidy. I had sent a reply about Corrina's trip to the hospital. Don't quite remember what I wrote.

Aren't moonlight swims awesome? I think it's the best time to go swimming. I used to go for evening swims a lot, but for some reason, I haven't gone for one in about 2 years. Your mom used to go for Polar Bear swims at camp.

You were wrong about your pool being your house's best attraction. For me, you and Corrina are your house's best attraction!!! The pool is just extra, like frosting on the cake :-) Hope you have a good summer. Love, Grammy

ps. I agree with Leah.....you are an awesome writer.