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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Hello ! I want to tell you about today, Saturday. It started this morning when I woke up. We went out to breakfast at E.B. Flatt's. The pancakes were awesome, and I loved the eggwitch. It did not only start out good, but it turned out good as well. We went to a place called the rock house, and it was cool. There were a ton of cool rocks there. My mom said that Indians lived there. The Indians have a cool living station. I thought it would be a nice ending to. Well, here I am, having my nice ending. I shot some hoops ( or played basket ball) out in my front yard. And now I am writing on my blog, talking about my day. That is a nice story, I will tell you some more next time. I like story's. Most of them are cool.

Good bye and have a nice day !

P.S. This is a real picture (someone else took) of Rock House Reservation!


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Tony said...

Hey Cass. glad you had a great day. I had a great day hanging out with you guys too. Good stuff. and yes, the pancakes were awesome!

Love ya kiddo