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Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy birthday to meeee

Hai friends...


Okay so yeah back from visiting my Grammy and Aunt Terry. Casey fell down the stairs. It was a fun time. And also my dad's watching some """"show"""" on INSP and this guy is singing some song I think he's making up as he's going along.



Incase anybody remembered or something CRAZY like that, heh heh, tomorrow's kinda a little bit special because it's like you know something like


This guy on the TV is very distracting. I mean, this is probably the worst song ever and all, but.......oh my gosh now he's watching PBS kids. Peep In The Big Wide World. On the Mute Channel. So he's making up the words. And let me tell you they're probably not the right words.

And now...we're watching the Spanish Channel.

So anyways yea tomorrow's my birthday and woah what is that?

Dingalings :)

Anywho, I don't think anybody knew what I was talking about just there, yeah I'm getting Osiris sneakers tomorrow and a """"""''"onion""""""""" from Corrina. Heh. Casey.

So school is awesome, by the way. I get to see Jessica almost every day! And I made lots of new friends too!

Ben, Emma, Kyle, Anita, Taylor A., Taylor C., Myia, Sam, Hope, Ellaina, Brianna, Tristan, Molly, Jillian, Chloe, Nikki, Leah, Gabby, Sarah, Taryn, Abby, Amanda, Petra, etc.

Then there are the people I don't like but I won't name names (coughcoughStephenCodyZachcoughcough) and then again it's not like I know everybody because some people I have never met. And then there are those people that you don't really know...

There are also the total weirdos, like this kid John who's in a lot of my classes. He almost never talks and he's rather strange. And I think he's got a mental issue or something but I DONT KNOW HE'S JUST LIKE REALLY WEIRD.

And then there's Kevin, who hid under a table, screaming, when we had a lockdown drill and is quite odd, to be honest.

No detentions yet, people! (Although I have stayed after for help sessions) I'm a good gurrrl. And report cards come out on Wednesday so EEP okay that's actually not that awesome yeah.

That's be all! Bye!


Jenna said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad school is going well!!!

shannon said...

Happy Birthday Cassidy!

You had a lockdown drill!?!!
I get lockdowns but minus the drills.
And wow you have made a lot of friends. Good luck with your report card!!